Crowdfunding 101:

A new and exciting inkkas journey!

Inkkas is growing and we want you to come along for the ride! For our Spring/Summer 2016 line, we want to include you on the journey. No one knows Inkkas better than our fans and we thought you’d like to be clued in on our decision making process when it comes to designing our latest line. So, we decided to include you by hosting a crowdfunding campaign for our newest collection in which YOU make the choices.

What exactly is crowdfunding and how can I get involved?

Crowdfunding is opening up the production process to Inkkas’ fans. We know you love our joggers, so we created a brand new collection just for you. In order to release them though, we need to know which ones you’re crazy about! By funding a certain style, you bring that shoe to life. Once a style reaches $3,500 dollars in pledges, we immediately put it into production so it can be shipped to your door. The best part about crowdfunding you may ask? It’s all about you! Do you love our Japan joggers? Great! Let us know by pledging in support of them. Your card will not be charged until the end of the campaign which lasts 30 days and your shoes will ship approximately 8 weeks from the end of the campaign.

Will my card be charged before I get my Crowdfunded Inkkas?

Yes. Your card will be charged only after the campaign closes for that certain style and the campaign is successful (in other words, the campaign reaches the $3,500 threshold). Once you pledge to buy a pair, you’re letting us know you’re in love with our newest Inkkas styles and you're giving us permission to "authorize" but NOT "charge" your credit card. Only if the specific campaign you pledged funds toward is successful will your card actually be charged the pledge amount.

Crowdfunding vs. Preorder - What’s the difference?:

Great question! Here at Inkkas we’ve done multiple campaigns to get you the shoes you want! You may have backed our previous Kickstarter campaigns (thank  you!) which has allowed us to produce beautiful shoes for our fans. Or maybe you’ve ordered a PREORDER pair of shoes- we recently did this with our Joggers, Guatemalan collection and recently, with our Chukkas. PREORDER and CROWDFUNDING are not the same thing. Preordering a pair of Inkkas means that they are already in production and we’re holding a pair for you. Crowdfunding a pair of Inkkas means that we need your support and vote to put a style into production. Once that style hits $3,500 in pledges, we send it to our artisans to create. This is why crowdfunding is so important - we want to know what you want so we can make it specifically for you!

But wait! There’s more! A special discount only for Inkkas fans:

When you hep to crowdfund a pair of Inkkas, you’ll also be offered the pair of shoes you're supporting at a lower "price" (the pledge amount) than if we just offered them as regular items that are in stock on our site. Because you’re helping us fund and decide on which styles to put into production, we want to say thank you by offering a discount to you! So, in the case of the 2016 Global Joggers, for example, if you pledge in support of them during the crowdfunding campaign, they will only cost you $59, which is the pledge amount for one pair. If you wait until they're in stock to buy them, they will cost you $79. So, your support early on will definitely pay off!

When I pledge in support of the one Inkkas styles in a crowdfunding campaign, will I be charged for shipping? If so, why?

Yes, you will be charged for shipping and here's why: If the style you are making a pledge for is funded and the campaign is successful, we will eventually receive this pair of shoes to our warehouse and ship it out to you. So, we do add on shipping costs to your pledge to cover this cost. But remember, if the campaign is not successful, you will not be charged and no funds will be collected by Inkkas - so you will not be charged the shipping cost in this case.

I am not so sure about this. What happens if I want my money back after I have pledged in support of one of the Inkkas styles?

Changed your mind? No problem. Simply email us at support@inkkas.com or call us at (347) 689 4422 (Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST) and tell us to cancel your order. As long as you have your order number or email address, we'll cancel the order within 2 business days. The style you made a pledge for will have one less "vote" but, the good news is that you you won't lose a dime in the process! 

What if I receive my crowdfunded shoes and I don't like them/they don't fit?

Just like all other products Inkkas sells, you have 60 days to return them from the day you receive them if you don't like them or if they're too big or too small - no questions asked. Want more info about our return policy? Click here.

How do I know these crowdfunded shoes will be comfortable and last a long time?

If anything about the shoe makes you unhappy - whether it's the arch support, the comfort level, the look, the laces...whatever - just have a look at our return policy page and get in touch with us ASAP so we can refund you. If there happens to be any issue with the quality of the product you receive, please contact us immediately and send us a picture of the issue you've found. We'll send you a new item within 5 business days if you received a product that does not meet quality standards.

Want to know more? Have questions on how to get involved?

Feel free to email us at support@inkkas.com and we’ll be happy to get back to you with any questions you may have! We’re looking forward to creating some new and beautiful styles with your help. Thanks for being part of our journey!