Join the Inkkas Family! 

Inkkas is currently launching the Inkkas Brand Ambassador program throughout the US in an effort to recruit brand enthusiasts to help spread Inkkas' message nationwide.

What is an Inkkas Brand Ambassador?

Inkkas Brand Ambassadors are college students who love the brand and want to help share the Inkkas mission on campus and in their community. 


What do I get for being an Inkkas Brand Ambassador?

You will receive a lot of great perks including: Discounted Inkkas merchandise, priority access to new products before they launch, invitations to attend regular Inkkas events, a chance to win trips and more!


What do I have to do as an Inkkas Brand Ambassador?

You simply have to tell people about the Inkkas brand story, let them know about Inkkas, what we do, and hopefully they will love the idea and the products and become enthusiasts themselves!


So, what do you think? Does promoting Inkkas to your friends, family, colleagues, teammates, associates, or anyone else sounds appealing to you? If yes, please download this PDF, fill it out and Email back at ambassadors@inkkas.com


We'd love to hear from you and include you as an Inkkas Brand Ambassador. 

Peace, love & shoes,

the Inkkas Team