Help us save the Amazon!

Since 1970 around 20% of the rainforest has been cut down; every year the rate of deforestation of the Amazon is increasing considerably despite international pressures. The total area of current deforestation is almost of the size of Texas or almost two times that of Peru. So, no matter what kind of information you have read before this, the message that the data above conveys is very terrifying.

And, if you think that it's not a problem because new trees are being planted in the place of the old ones, then you are completely wrong! The deforested areas are being used as pastures or agricultural land, meaning no new trees will be planted whatsoever. Amazon Watch has already pointed out on multiple occasions that, if deforestation continues at this rate, it will soon reach a point where the forest will not be able to recover.

Deforestation is the biggest danger to the Amazon. The entirety of the Amazon rainforest lies on the territory of industrially developing nations that are in desperate need of resources to drive their economies. The rainforest comes in very handy for this purpose. Politicians of these countries acknowledge the natural hazards of deforestation but they claim that for the well-being of their country they have no choice then to export logs and products manufactured from wood.

Amazon Watch:

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 that aims to protect the Amazon rainforest and the rights of the indigenous people living in the Amazon. The organization is located in San Francisco, California and is partnered with a large number of envoironmental and indigenous rights protection organizations in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.