• How To Help Support Indigenous People of the Amazon
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How To Help Support Indigenous People of the Amazon

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 that aims to protect the Amazon rainforest
and the rights of the indigenous people living in the Amazon. The organization is located in San Francisco,
California and is partnered with a large number of environmental and indigenous rights protection
organizations in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

How does Amazon Watch Help the Environment and Indigenous People's Rights?

Over the course of its existence the organization has launched many successful campaigns that aimed
to raise international awareness regarding the problems and dangers indigenous Amazonians have to face.
But probably the most successful and most welcomed form of activity conducted by the organization is the
education of indigenous people regarding their rights and privileges.

The organization also organizes several campaigns that try to influence key decision makers in politics
and large corporations in order to determine them to respect the rights of indigenous people. These goals
are achieved through a variety of means such as media exposure, social media exposure and even legal

Another area of activity of the organization is the education corporate officials, public servants,
shareholders and people in key decision making positions that money can still be made at the same time
while respecting the rights of indigenous people and protecting the environment.

Past and Current Activities

One of the most high-profile campaigns of the organization is to stop the building of the Belo Monte
monster dam. This project intends to prevent the Brazilian government from building a large dam on the
Xingu River that would result in the destruction of several square kilometers of rain forest and natural
habitat. Another very important and high-profile campaign is the saving of the Achuar who are at
this moment dispersed along the border of Peru and Ecuador. Several large projects such as the drilling for oil in the Corrientes River and deforestation of large areas are seriously endangering the lives of more than 18,500
Achuar individuals.

Testing has recently revealed that local people due to pollution and petrol extraction have a dangerously
high blood-lead level. Likewise there are reports of various strange diseases such as tumors that can be
directly linked to the industrial and agricultural activities in the area.

Just recently in 2010 Amazon Watch aided a delegation of Achuar leaders who met with the oil company
Talisman requesting that the venture respects their rights. The Achuar leaders also took part in a
shareholder meeting with the company.

How can You Help?

If you are concerned about the problems that Amazon Watch is fighting then you can take part and help. All
you need to do is to purchase the extremely stylish and good looking shoes sold by inkkas.com.

This is because a significant percentage of the sales will be donated by Inkkas to Amazon Watch and its
causes. With these funds Amazon Watch will be able to continue its great progress and work representing
the interests of the Achuar people and other indigenous tribes.

The Amazon rain forest is a natural heritage of the whole planet and it's everyone's responsibility to
preserve it.

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