• The exciting thing about traveling is....

The exciting thing about traveling is....

When we were in college, we received a great piece of advice from one of our favorite college professors. He told us to make sure to travel while we were young, because we would never believe what you will learn and who you will meet!


Looking back now, we couldn't agree with him more! Traveling truly the best way to find out more about the world around you and find out more about yourself at the same time! Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and the chance to grow and to learn who you really are.


That's why over the next few weeks Team Inkkas will be traveling through South America and live blogging about our experiences on the road of life!



The best part of working at Inkkas, is that we are able to travel for work! While traveling through South America we learned that the infinite piece of wisdom that was given to us in college was true. Here in South America, things are completely different! You meet people on the road that you would never meet in your normal life, try foods that you would never see elsewhere and experience things you only dreamed of before.



So stay tuned to the Inkkas.com blog for daily updates as Team Inkkas live blogs about our travels in South America. We will share with you all of our favorite experiences, the amazing people we meet along the way and of course all of the best kept secrets that no one knows about except for the locals! We are looking forward to sharing the beauty of South America will you!