• Inkkas and Brown Rice Family are partnering up to promote an organic lifestyle!

Inkkas and Brown Rice Family are partnering up to promote an organic lifestyle!

Inkkas and Brown Rice Family will be partnering up to promote an organic lifestyle! Brown Rice Family won the WNYC Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs of New York City!




Background on Brown Rice

The Brown Rice family is one of the world's freshest World's root bands. What is a world root's band one may ask? Well, a world root's music encompasses jazz stylings, afrobeat, reggae, rock, Latin rhythm, hip-hop and funk. 


Brown Rice, originally, had only two members, Yuichi and the former member Joe Young, who met each other in music class and bonded over their love of a healthy life style and music. Both shared a mutual love of music and healthy eating. Both shared the belief that a person should live in a healthy envirnoment and have a healthy lifestyle. From this belief, the two friends decided to create a band that would make their listners feel alive.


Since their inception, Brown Rice Family has grown. They now consists of 8 members who originate from all over the world-Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and the USA. By having such a diverse cast, Brown Rice Family is the embodiment of world's root music! Check out their music here: http://brownricefamily.com/music/gallery


Environmental stance:

"BRF firmly believes in self-improvement and environmental improvement, and so the collective is perpetually seeking out healthier ways of living, grooving, and eating. And this belief is not only in their music, it stretches out into the crafting of the band-madeBrown Rice Family soap. This soap is made of the most natural ingredients available from organic farmers and suppliers.This “family” creates world rhythm driven music and dance that is nutritious for every age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, group, and occasion."



Contact information:

Brown Rice Family can be contacted at:

Chriss Rimpel

Cellphone: 347.551.9893

Email: CRbookingsnmarketing@gmail.com