• Brown Rice Family Charity Tour + Inkkas

Brown Rice Family Charity Tour + Inkkas

One of Brown Rice Family's principle is that anyone of any ethnicity and of any age can be reached through the power of music and, that it can also be a healing tool! Music is one of the universal languages of the world. It has the power to speak and move even the most recalcitrant person!  Brown Rice Family would love to be able to spread the gift of "world's root" music to Haiti! 


Agenda for Brown Rice Family:


After the earthquake in Haiti, a lot of people's lives has been shaken to its very core especially the children's! Many of children have been left orphans, homeless and paralyzed. By contributing to the Brown Rice Family Fundraiser, you will be helping to raise the children's spirits and also help provide them with nutritious food!


The Brown Rice Family would love to be able to bring musical instruments to the students in Haiti and teach them how to play said instruments! Not only that but the Brown Rice Family wants to teach the children in Haiti about healthy living, unity, global solidarity and other languages! 


The money would cover hotel, food, airfare, instruments, brown rice and etc.




You can contribute by donating any monetary sum at this link:http://www.gofundme.com/Brown-Rice-Family-Haiti. Every small donation will contribute to this cause! 

Contact Information:

Brown Rice can be contacted booked at: 

Chriss Rimpel

Cellphone: 347.551.9893

Email: CRbookingsnmarketing@gmail.com